HUAWEI Nova 3 vs. HUAWEI Honor 10: budget smartphones with a premium processor

12 August 2018

We guess that after competing with some of the world's top smartphone manufacturers and even winning several rounds well we finally got bored and decided to go into competition with themselves. At least this seems the most probable reason for the release of the Huawei Nova 3, a premium yet budget friendly smartphone rivaling the company?s previous bestseller ? the famous Huawei Honor 10. In this post, we take a look at the two phones side by side and see who comes out a winner. At the first glance, the two phones are very much similar. Both feature slick glass bodies with an aluminum frame and come in beautiful gradient color schemes. You will see the infamous notch on both devices ? a generous tribute to the iPhone X. Note (if that makes any difference) that Nova's notch is slightly longer than that on the Honor 10 and houses a dual front-facing camera (compared to a single front-facing camera on the Honor 10).

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