【Tech News】 OPPO Find X keeps your privacy only to yourself

26 July 2018

On June 20th, OPPO unveiled its long-lost Find flagship - OPPO Find X, at the Louvre in Paris. Find X has a lot of new technology, but I'm sure one of the most fascinating is the O-face 3D structure light technology that is built into the two-track submersible structure pioneered by OPPO. The basic principle of 3D structured light technology is that the light with certain structural features emitted by the near-infrared laser is projected onto the object being photographed and then collected by a special infrared camera. Due to this kind of have a certain structure of the light in your subject area of different depth of the object, and lead to collect images generated after relatively primitive light structure changes, and then through the operation unit to the change of the structure conversion into depth information, we will get the 3D structure of objects photographed.

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